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AMPS membership is open to any person with an interest in participating in model aviation. New members must pay an initiation fee of $100 in addition to the current year's dues of $75 dollars. New members joining after May 31st through September 1st must pay the initiation fee and 50% of the yearly dues.  New members joining after September 1st must pay the initiation fee and the dues for the following year. They will be considered "paid up" for the current year. AMPS has a membership cap that may delay the granting of membership. Normally AMPS membership remains below the cap.

Dues for people under 19 years are waived when the parent is a paid member.

Junior memberships are available for people under 19 years whose parent is not a paid member for $10. Junior members must also have an AMA membership. (Currently free)

Application can be downloaded here and should be mailed to the address on the application form. Please don't bring your application to the field; mail it in.

All persons flying at the AMPS field must be a current AMA member unless flying under the provisions of the AMA Intro Pilot Program. AMPS Intro Pilots are listed on the Club Contact page.

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