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Jul 17 2014 08:17 PM
    Welcome to the AMPS forums!

    This forum is to assist everyone in enjoying R/C scale building, competition, and bettering the AMPS club. With that said, and the moderators should not be expected to edit out any content that is in violation of these Guidelines. Any violation to these Guidelines will result in the member being warned or banned. The action that is taken will depend on the severity of the violation.

    To enhance the quality of the discussion, we ask that you abide by the following guidelines when posting messages:

    1. Do not post material that is libelous, obscene, abusive, or that otherwise violates any law or these guidelines. NO CLUB BUSINESS is allowed here on theses Forums!! Flaming - Will not be tolerated. While we try to allow people to voice their opinions we do not want to see posts that offend or degrade other forum members. We also will not tolerate griping, soap boxing, or slanderous statements. This forum is meant to be a POSITIVE experience for all. It is not meant to be a personal "soap box".

    2. Pornographic Images - Will not be tolerated. Any photographic containing nude or semi nude images will be deleted with the exception of aircraft nose art which is considered historical information. First offense will bring a warning to the member; second offense will result in banning of that member.

    3. Foul Language - Will not be tolerated. Please show respect for yourself and the members of the AMPS club.

    4. Racism - Will not be tolerated. Any racist or sexist remarks will be deleted and the member will be warned or banned. Threatening Private messages will also cause a member to be banned.

    5. Politics - Will not be tolerated. Any Political remarks will be deleted and the member will be warned or banned. Threatening Private messages will also cause a member to be banned.

    6. Usernames - Abusive usernames will not be tolerated. People seem to believe that they can't use abusive language in the forums so have a tendency to sign up with an abusive username. Any abusive/bad language seen in usernames will be looked upon harshly and will more then likely be deleted on sight.

    7. Do not post copyrighted material such as purchased images, or other copyrighted reference material that requires permission before distribution.

    8. Do not spam the forums with useless posts. Posts that are off topic in order to raise post count or generally irritate other forum users or their reading pleasure will be removed. This also includes posting the same message in multiple forums.

    9. AMPS reserves the right to edit or delete any message that does not adhere to or comply with these guidelines. We also reserve the right to ban individuals who repeatedly violate them. To ensure that the forum guidelines are enforced the moderators have the ability to moderate or delete posts and threads. Moderators have the ability to ban users that do not comply with these guidelines. Moderators should remember to leave a note if posts are edited and a private message sent to the users if a post is deleted.

    10. Enjoy yourself!
    Now that all the serious stuff is out of the way we want you to enjoy your stay while getting the most from you and your visit. Keep these guidelines in mind when posting and everyone will have a enjoyable experience.
    Topic is locked

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