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How to add a picture to your Forum post
Last Post Sep 06 2014 09:08 PM by webmaster. 0 Replies.
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Sep 06 2014 09:08 PM

    How to add a picture to your Forum post -
    Read the picture below

    This is what the Image Manager window looks like - 
    Image Manager
    The number on the left is assigned to your login account, so everyone has a different number.
    The list in the middle is all the pictures that are in your picture folder. This account has a profile Avatar picture with different sizes that are generated by this website.
    To upload pictures, you need to click on the "+ Upload" link above, it will open a window allowing you to upload many pictures at once to your folder.
    The Image editor on the right, allows you to pre-size the picture and add "Alt Text" plus other options like alignment when you click the Properties tab.

    Upload Window -
    picture Upload Window
    Click the "Select" button to point to the picture on you computer, you can add three images at once or click the "Add" button to add another field.
    Once you have your picture or pictures in the field boxes, click the "Upload" button to put these into your Forum folder.
    Once they are uploaded, you will see the "Image Manager" window again and then click on the picture you want to add into the post by clicking on the picture and then click on the :Insert" button to add to your post. Repeat to add more pictures to your post that you have already uploaded.

    Note: please try to keep the picture width to 640px so that it will be easy to view without having to use bottom scroll bar, you can resize picture after you inserted it by moving corner, a scale will tell you what the size is and will try and keep the aspect ratio of each picture as you resize it.
    Topic is locked

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